Student Government


Elections take place in homerooms during the first two weeks of the academic year. Student Government meets with their advisor every Friday afternoon and throughout the week when needed, where they organise team-building activities, build their calendar, and work on other student-based initiatives. Our student government learns the necessary skills and knowledge required to coordinate and effectively exercise change in the school. They practice working with others and exhibit the positive life habits and IB Learner Profile traits to equip them for real-world success.

Student Government has been involved in heading various initiatives since the start of the school year. Examples include the Autumn Celebration, student potluck, fall spirit week, various student appreciation gifts and the monthly Secondary School Assemblies.

Plans for second semester include a talent show, t-shirt competition, senior service, dance, spring spirit week and an athletic tournament.

The MEF IS student government helps bring the community together through fun, meaningful and spirited activities!