MEF IS Secondary School Clubs


At MEF IS we enable students to actualize their Full Potential by choosing from a variety of clubs offered during the day and activities made available after school. These activities enable students to explore and develop their interests, socialize with peers, pursue athletic potential or acquire new skills. 

Clubs at the Secondary School level are offered for two 45 minute sections weekly on Fridays. All clubs are headed by trained staff and are included as part of the tuition and fees. Some of the clubs that have been offered at our school are listed below. These are subject to change based on the availability of staff. 

Secondary School Clubs
  Blank Canvas
  Duke of Edinburgh
  Mind Warriors
  Stained Glass/Sculpture
  Math Olympiad
 Board games
  Gardening/Living wall
  Fashion Design
  Healthylicious cooking/baking
 Linguistics Olympiad Club
  Study Lab
  Student Council
  (meets during homeroom, free during club time)

2017-2018 Secondary School Clubs
For After School Activities, please visit our After School Activities page