In Music, students learn essentials like: rhythm, harmony, melody, notation, aesthetics, history, and appreciation. While participating in music, students also learn things like: ensemble skills, composition/arranging basics, error detection, appropriate music vocabulary, proper technique, and music related to mathematics as well. With the help of different multi-media outlets, we can experience virtual concerts from our very own classroom. The goal of the music program is to offer a safe and creative outlet for student expression. A couple of times each year the Music department joins efforts with the Art & Design and the IT departments to bring to the stage a collaborative celebration of student musicianship, technical proficiency, and artistic contributions, for culminating concerts throughout the year.

Our students have an opportunity to take pride in their work and demonstrate their creative skills to a larger community audience. As MEF IS is a small school community, the concerts are a time for teachers, students, and family members to get together and celebrate student learning.

The performing arts have always been an important part of the MEF IS programme for holistic student development. Our students have the opportunity to practice their talents on the stage and enjoy the excitement of either being in the spotlight, working backstage for sets and props or management, and exercising their more technical talents as part of the sound and lighting crew.

"Music is the universal language of mankind." ? Henry Wadsworth Longfellow