Entry and Other Requirements


Overview of IGCSE and IBDP Entry Requirements
There are specific entrance requirements that Turkish students must meet before studying in the IGCSE programme and that both Turkish and international students must meet before studying in the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP). Entrance into the Grade 9 IGCSE Programme and IBDP is based on the following three conditions:
a) passing relevant entrance examinations,
b) passing grades on end-of-year transcripts and progress reports in all subjects,
c) teacher/administrator/counselor recommendations (as required upon entrance into the Diploma Programme)

Entrance Examinations:
Entrance examinations determine whether students may enter into the Grade 9 IGCSE programme (for Turkish students) and the IBDP. These exams are generally comprehensive and determine whether students are able to
  Enter into Grade 9 (for Turkish national students)
  Pass from Grade 10 to IB1

Grade 9 IGCSE Entrance Exams (for Turkish national students):
  Math and English are examined
  Enrollment to class closes once the class is filled
  Open to Turkish students
  No retakes

IB1 Entrance Exams:
  Students must pass a subject exam in a) English and b) Science (Biology or Physics as well as in Chemistry if chosen).
  To qualify as a diploma candidate, a student must have an appropriate choice of study in each of the 6 IBDP subject groups. Not all subjects are examined.
  No retakes

Additional Requirements – End-of-Year Transcripts:
  To study any subject in the IBDP, a student must have a passing grade on end-of-year transcripts.

Additional Requirements – Progress Reports (only applicable to students already studying in the IB Diploma Programme):
  In addition to Report Cards being issued at the end of the 1st and 2nd semester of the year, 2 separate Progress Reports are sent home to IBDP parents in order to communicate student progress in individual courses during specific time intervals.
  The grades on these reports are unofficial in that they have no bearing on student transcripts.
  After a child scores a "3" or below on a Progress Report, a letter is sent home, and an action plan to improve student progress in the failing course may be implemented.
  A student who scores a failing grade of “3” or below in the same subject on a progress report and then on the immediately following end-of-semester report card (60% or below) will be unable to continue studying this particular subject in the IBDP.