University Entrance Results


IB Diploma Programme applicants gain admission to selective universities throughout the world. Formal agreements exist between the IBO and many ministries of education and private institutions. Some colleges and universities may offer advanced standing or course credit to students with strong IBDP examination results. The Overseas College Counselor and the IBDP Coordinator strive to help place IB Diploma graduates in top universities around the world. Students are encouraged not only to succeed academically, but also to participate in extracurricular activities in order to enhance the merits and originality of their applications.

OUR GRADUATES - (universities entered by MEF IS graduates from 2009-15 are listed below)

2014 Universities by Major:
Imperial College London (UK) Areospace Engineering
Imperial College London (UK)

Electrical Engineering

School of Arts Institute of Chicago (US) Illustration
Istanbul University-Yeditepe University (Turkey) Medicine
Boston University (US) Business Management
Universiteit Gent (Netherlands) Economics
University of York (UK) Healthcare Management
İstituto Marangoni (Italy) Fashion Design
City University London (UK) Business Management
Brunell University London (UK) Business Management
Sabanci University (Turkey) International Relations
Royal Holloway (UK) Business Management
Vatel International Business School Hotel
and Tourism Management (Spain)
Hotel Management
Webster University (UK) Business Management
FoundationBrunell University London (UK)  Business Managament
2013 Universities by Major:
Koc University (Turkey) Psychology
Loyola University – Chicago (US)                Liberal arts
Koc University (Turkey) Psychology
METU (Turkey)                     Economics
School of Art Institute of Chicago (US) Fine Arts
University of Wisconsin – Madison (US)     Pre. Med        
Yonsei University (S. Korea) Business Management
Sabanci University (Turkey) Engineering
Florida Atlantic University (US)       Business Management
University of East Anglia (UK)        History
Sabanci University (Turkey)  Bio-technology
Istanbul University Cerrahpasha (Turkey)    Medicine
University of Toronto (Canada)       

Physical/Mechanical Science

London College of Fashion / Central St. Martins (UK) Fashion
Syracuse University (US)      Media & Communications    
King’s College (UK)  History
University of Art London -Central St. Martins (UK)         

Fine Arts

Istanbul Technical University (Turkey)         Mechanical Engineering
Koc University (Turkey)                   

Liberal Arts

Bilgi University  (Turkey)      Business Management          
University of Iowa (US)        Liberal Arts
Hampshire College (US) Liberal Arts   
Ozyegin (Turkey)   Business Management
Michigan State University (US) Business Management
Hongik University (S. Korea)            Business Management
Sabancı University (Turkey)  Business Management
Bahcesehir University (Turkey) Industrial Management         
Bahcesehir University (Turkey)         Industrial Management
University of California -  Berkley (US)       Bio-Chem      
Illinois – Urban Champaign  (US)    Business Management
University of Toronto (Canada) Physics
Duke University (US)            Engineering
Illinois – Urban Champaign (US) Engineering
2012 Universities by Major:
Heidelberg University (US) Political Science / Music
Amsterdam University (Neth) Psychology
University of Minnesota (US) Economics
University of Miami (US) Biology
Leiden University (Neth) International Relations
London College of Fashion (UK) Fashion Management
London College of Fashion (UK) Business Management
2011 Universities by Major:
St. Martins College of Art and Design (UK) Product Design
Royal Holloway (UK) Business Administration
University of Utrecht (Neth) Biology
IE University (Spain) Communications
Loughborough University (UK) Electrical Engineering
Rhode Island School of Design (US) Interior Design
King's College London (UK) Business Management
Queen Mary, University of London (UK) English and Linguistics
UCL (UK) Biochemistry
University of Illinois (US) Business
2010 Universities by Major:
Webster University (Austria) Business Marketing
Yonsei University (S Kor) Law
Anglo-American University (Czech) Journalism
Koç University (Tur) Chemical Engineering
Columbia University - Barnard College (US) Liberal Arts
York University (UK) Film Production
SOAS, University of London (UK) Political Science
University of Tampa (US) Psychology
University of California - Santa Barbara (US) Faculty of Science
2009 Universities by Major:
University of York (UK) Psychology
Sheffield University (UK) Biochemistry
University of British Columbia (Can) International Business
Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne (Switz) Hospitality Management
Simon Frasier University (Can) Communications
University of York (UK) English Literature
Brandeis University (US) Mathematics
University of Cambridge (UK) Social and Political Science
University of Toronto (Can) English Literature
University of Liverpool (UK) Economics/Bus Administration