Learning Support

At MEF IS teaching is tailored to meet all learning styles, interests and needs. In accordance with this belief, we aim to deliver a variety of academic resources in order to support the varying levels of our students.

The Student Support Department consists of three support teachers; a learning support specialist, an ELL (English Language Learning) teacher, and a counselor. These support teachers work with teachers and students to provide the most effective learning environment for all students.

This support may be administered by the usual classroom teacher, or by support staff, within the lessons, in small groups, or in after-school classes. Many teachers provide extra lessons after school on request should a child feel they need a little extra help with a particular topic. On a more general note, students who are performing well across the board are encouraged to accept leadership roles within the school, and to put their talents to use.

Learning Support

The Learning Support program at MEF IS aims to support students in acquiring the necessary skills to reach their full potential.

This support is offered by certified learning support teachers.

The program is designed for students who have been diagnosed with a specific learning disability or other difficulty supported by a psycho-educational assessment.

At MEF IS we support students by providing:
Additional direct instruction with subject matter content
Instruction in study and organizational skills
Instruction in self-regulatory and self-advocacy skills
Accommodations based on student characteristics. Accommodations are in presentation, response, setting , timing and/or scheduling in regards to instruction and internal and external exams
Consultation with student, teacher, parent, counselor, administrator

A continuum of learning services is provided to include itinerant services, inclusion and/or resource class time. The learning support team works closely with classroom teachers, and is skilled in differentiation to meet the students learning needs.

After School Help

MEF IS has a weekly math help center. After school, IB students are peer tutors to students who need extra direct instruction with obtaining math skills. The purpose of the program is to reinforce math skills, as well as foster positive interactions between high school and middle school students. The program extends services to tutoring specific subjects as needed.

English Language Learner Program

The English Language Learning program at MEF IS aims to support students' English needs at all levels. Part of our philosophy is that all of our teachers are ELL teachers.

Our teachers implement methods that are conducive and supportive of both native speakers and English language learners.

In addition to our regular teachers, we have ELL support teachers that provide specific ELL classes and instruction. Students are offered support that will allow them to continue learning English, and attain success in their regular academic classes.

The secondary English Language Learning (ELL) program offers students the opportunity to improve upon their English skills.

Students may be placed in an ELL class in place of a MFL (Modern Foreign Language) class where they will work on grammar skills, reading comprehension, listening skills, and writing development.

Students also receive support with their academic class work and study skill development.

Students may also receive some of the following support to facilitate their learning:
Curriculum support based on their English level
Have access to an additional teacher in their classroom
Modified language on exams
Additional time on exams
Small group testing
Use of dictionary/translator in classes and on exams

Our primary goal is to ensure that students become proficient in English and have the necessary tools to support them in this process.