Pre Kindergarten

Learning for our students aged 4 to 5 years old, continues to be focused on their physical, social and emotional development, as well as the development of language, mathematics and cognitive skills.

There are six main areas of development:

  Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  Cognitive Development - Knowledge and Understanding of the world
  Language and Literacy Development
  Physical Development
  Mathematical Development

While the classroom continues to nurture and support students, they become more independent in how they take care of themselves and how they learn in Pre-Kindergarten. The Language and Mathematics scope and sequence outline the expectations for our Pre Kindergarten students. The Preschool and PreKindergarten classes will be working together on a two year cycle of units of inquiry. 

Even years these units of inquiry are:

  We Can Imagine

Odd years these units of inquiry include:

  All about me 
  Tell me another way
  Living things

Central Idea: Families are different.

During this unit of inquiry students inquire into what makes a family. They learn about the make-up of different families, and the roles and responsibilities of family members. Each year students invite their families to share their own family photographs and experiences from home.

Central Idea: We can use our imagination to think, create and express ourselves.

In this unit, students use their imaginations in many different ways and start to understand the difference between real and pretend.


Central Idea: Light affects our lives and can be changed according to our needs.

Lots of science in this unit, as students explore many aspects of light.

Central Idea: Journeys create change and can lead to new opportunities.

In this unit, students share stories about their own and other people’s real and imaginary journeys.

Central Idea: Each Individual is a unique person.

In this unit, students find out about their classmates and the things they have in common as well as what is unique and special about every one of us.


Central Idea: We can express ourselves in many different ways.

During this unit of inquiry students learn to express and communicate their ideas in many different ways, using a range of media.



Central Idea: Living things have certain requirements in order to grow and stay healthy.

During this unit of inquiry students inquire into the characteristics of living things and what living things need to grow and stay healthy.