Much recent brain research shows that making music positively affects overall brain development and learning. That is why we learn and experience music at MEF International School. Besides, it is fun and allows children to touch a dimension of self that is not reached any other way.

Together with the elements and basics of music, children at MEF learn to be Tuneful, Beatful and Artful:

  Tuneful - to use one's singing voice in a pitch-correct and pleasant manner.
 Beatful - to feel and express the underlying beat of music and develop rhythmic literacy/fluency.
 Artful - to develop within oneself an artistic sense for music, the 'feeling' that music inspires.


Music is also an integral part of the IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). Through the lens of music, students add breadth and depth to their notion of the world. Students develop an appreciation for themselves as artists and individuals as they engage in the creative process. They also gain deeper insight into how music is influenced by, and shapes societies and cultures, both past and present. This provides students with a wide range of opportunities and means to respond to their experiences and engage with historical, social and cultural perspectives, in so doing they gain a better understanding of themselves and others.

Two strands, Responding and Creating are designed to interact with each other, working together to support the overall development of the students as artists. These strands are detailed below.

  Students use their imagination and musical experiences to organize sounds (natural and instrumental) that communicate specific ideas or moods.
 Students are given opportunities to discover a broad range of music experiences including classifying and analyzing sounds, composing, exploring body music, harmonizing, listening, playing instruments, singing, notation, reading music, songwriting and recording.
  Students develop confidence in self-expression allowing for greater imagination and creativity.

  Students are given the opportunity to respond to different styles of music, as well as music from different people and cultures, past and present, allowing them to appreciate how the elements and principles of music can be used to achieve different effects and express different identities and meanings.
  Students have the opportunity to create and respond to music ideas, both individually and collaboratively.
  Students reflect on their own work, and the work of others, and set personal goals for self-improvement.


  Art is a universal language by which we can communicate powerful messages within and across cultures and time periods.
  The knowledge and use of the elements and principles of visual art allows us to create and understand works of art.

Performances occur twice a year at MEF IS and showcase the learning from the music curriculum. Students experience the performing arts both as audience members and as artists.

Students also develop persistence, self-discipline, spatial awareness, courage, imagination, innovative thinking, creativity, risk-taking, critical thinking and reflection. These performances have a special relationship with learning, where the body and senses, the brain and the emotions all work together in constructive harmony.