Our Kindergarten students (5 to 6 years old) study five units of inquiry.

These units of inquiry enable students to increase their understanding of their world, focusing on themselves, their friends and families and their environment. They will appreciate the reasons why people belong to groups, the roles they fulfill and the different ways that people interact within groups. They will recognize connections within and between systems by which people organize themselves. They will broaden their sense of place and the reasons why particular places are important to people, as well as how and why people's activities influence, and are influenced by, the places in their environment. Students will start to develop an understanding of their relationship with the environment. They will gain a greater sense of time, recognizing important events in their own lives, and how time and change affect people.

Language and Mathematics scope and sequence outline the expectations for our Kindergarten students.

These units of inquiry are:

  Communities (Jobs people do)
  Growth cycles
  Stories and imagination
 Exploring Materials

These units of inquiry are outlined in detail below.


Central Idea: Friendships enrich our lives and require nurturing in order to develop.
During this unit of inquiry students inquire into how we make and keep friends. In so doing, students develop a better insight into how they can cooperatively work and play together.

COMMUNITIES (Jobs people do)

Central Idea: People do different jobs to help each other.
In this unit of inquiry students inquire into the purpose of different jobs and how they help us. Students identify their own jobs at home and at school.


Central Idea: All living things go through a process of change.
During this unit of inquiry students inquire into the developmental stages of various living things as they change over their lifetime. Each school year students go on several field trips including to the school garden to observe living things.


Central Idea: Stories give us pleasure and help our imagination grow.
In this unit of inquiry students inquire into the elements of different kinds of stories. Students describe how stories make them feel and develop skills in reading and retelling stories in different ways.


Central Idea: Finding out about the properties of materials helps us understand how they are used.
In this unit of inquiry students inquire into the properties and purpose of a variety of materials.