Grade 4

Our Grade 4 students (9 to 10 years old) study six units of inquiry.

These units of inquiry enable students to recognize different aspects of human society, focusing on themselves and others within their own community as well as groups of people that are distant in time and place. They will extend their understanding of how and why groups are organized within communities, and how participation within groups involves both rights and responsibilities. They will understand the interdependency of systems and their function within local and national communities. Students will gain an appreciation of how cultural groups may vary in their customs and practices but reflect similar purposes. They will deepen their awareness of how people influence, and are influenced by, places in the environment. They will realize the significance of developing a sense of belonging and stewardship towards the environment, valuing and caring for it, in the interests of themselves and future generations. Students will consolidate their understanding of time, recognizing how ideas and actions of people in the past have changed the lives of others, and appreciating how the past is recorded and remembered in different ways. They will gain an understanding of how and why people manage resources.

Language and Mathematics scope and sequence outline the expectations for our Grade 4 students.

These units of inquiry are:

  Rights and Responsibilities
  Finite Resources
  City Planning
  Technology/Scientific Discovery

These units of inquiry are outlined in detail below.


Central Idea: The management of finite resources impacts people and the environment.
During this unit students will inquire into the positive and negative effects of the extraction and use of finite resources, and personal choices that help to maintain and sustain the environment.


Central Idea: Human migration is a response to challenges, risks and opportunities.
During this unit students inquire into the causes, effects and perspectives of migration throughout history and present day, on communities and individuals. Each school year parents are invited in to the classroom to talk about their experiences as migrants.


Central Idea: Technologyimpacts the world of work and leisure.
During this unit students will inquire into the technological inventions of the home and workplace, circumstances that lead to technological developments and the impact of these developments on the environment.