Grade 3

Our Grade 3 students (8 to 9 years old) study six units of inquiry.

These units of inquiry enable students to extend their understanding of human society, focusing on themselves and others within their own community as well as other communities that are distant in time and place. They will investigate how and why groups are organized within communities, and the ways in which communities reflect the cultures and customs of their people. They will recognize the interdependency of systems and their function within local and national communities. They will increase their awareness of how people influence, and are influenced by, the places in their environment. Students will explore the relationship between valuing the environment and protecting it. They will extend their understanding of time, recognizing important events in people's lives, and how the past is recorded and remembered in different ways.

Language and Mathematics scope and sequence outline the expectations for our Grade 3 students.

The units of inquiry are:

  Music and Movement / Performance Art
  Role Models
  Earth and Space
  Supply and Demand

The units of inquiry are outlined in detail below.


Central Idea: People communicate culture through music and movement.
During this unit of inquiry students inquire into different cultural movement and music. Students learn how different people respond to and use music and movement to express culture.


Central Idea: Choices of role models reflect the characteristics that societies and individuals value.
During this unit students will inquire into role models and why we value them, the negative and positive influence of role models on individuals on society and how personal strengths can be applied to help others. Each school year guest speakers are invited into the classroom to talk about their contributions to society.



Central Idea: Central Idea: Exploration impacts our world.
During this unit of inquiry students inquire into the purpose, benefits and consequences of exploration on the present and the future.


Central Idea: The Earth's relationship to the sun affects seasonal change and climate.
During this unit of inquiry students inquire into the position of the Earth in the universe, the relationship between the Earth and the Sun and seasonal changes.


Central Idea: Ecosystems are an interdependent and delicate balance of living things which rely on each other for survival.
During this unit of inquiry students inquire into the interdependence within ecosystems (plants and animals), how human actions can affect the balance of an ecosystem and how they can make a difference.


Central Idea: Supply is determined by demand.
During this unit of inquiry students inquire into the basics of economics. They explore the various factors that influence supply and demand by engaging in market research.