MEF International School | Grade 1

Grade 1

Our Grade 1 students (6 to 7 years old) study six units of inquiry.

These units of inquiry enable students to increase their understanding of their world, focusing on themselves, their friends and families and their environment. They will appreciate the reasons why people belong to groups, the roles they fulfill and the different ways that people interact within groups. They will recognize connections within and between systems by which people organize themselves. They will broaden their sense of place and the reasons why particular places are important to people, as well as how and why people's activities influence, and are influenced by, the places in their environment. Students will start to develop an understanding of their relationship with the environment. They will gain a greater sense of time, recognizing important events in their own lives, and how time and change affect people.

Language and Mathematics scope and sequence outline the expectations for our Grade 1 students.

These units of inquiry are:

  Connecting People

These units of inquiry are outlined in detail below.


Central Idea: People communicate using different forms of messages
Students explore different communication methods, making links with different people both locally and around the world.


Central Idea: Different people work together to help us communicate with people around the world.
During this unit of inquiry students inquire into how messages can be sent and received, how people work together to deliver these messages and the factors affecting the kind of message being sent.


Central Idea: Living things need to adapt to survive in their habitat.
During this unit of inquiry students inquire into different habitats and their distinct features, how animals and plants adapt to their habitat and the reasons for adaption. Each school year students visit the Aquarium to explore ocean habitats.


Central Idea: Patterns can be used to express ideas.
Students study different patterns and how they are used. They make their own patterns in different ways to express their ideas.


Central Idea:Maps help us to learn about the similarities and differences between places.
During this unit of inquiry students inquire into how we represent place, the physical and human characteristics of places and the relationship of our location to other parts of the world. Each school year students explore their local community to learn about the place in which they live.



Central Idea: Different weather conditions have an impact on our lives and the environment.The students carry out experiments and other inquiries to find out about the weather and its effects