Student and Community Life

Our aim is to provide opportunities for our students and community to be active and engaged at MEF IS. Through the programmes and services we offer, students and families create lasting and meaningful friendships, understand the essence of team work, embody internationalism, and learn through respect, acceptance and responsibility. Our student-centered services help students build leadership skills and strengthen their coping mechanisms as they experience the decision-making process with everyday issues. Most importantly, they have great fun while experiencing…


At MEF IS, we foster the development of the whole child, supporting each individual child's physical, social, emotional and academic development. Every year students have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their skills in a range of events. Students are provided with a variety of experiences outside of the classroom to share their learning with the wider school community and that contribute to the flavor and life of the school with their unique personalities, skills and talents.

Two assemblies occur each month on Friday mornings. One occurs on the Auditorium where a Grade group shares their learning from the current unit of inquiry. Students are also presented with certificates as recognized by their teachers for demonstrating aspects of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile. The second is presented by the student council and focuses on sharing about the Learner Profile attribute of focus for the month. All students are welcome to volunteer to share learning, action or their talents at this assembly.

MEF IS students extend their creative skills, explore areas of interest and interact with different age groups of students within the school each Monday afternoon during Clubs time.Students choose from a range of activities which include ceramics, sculpture, choir, animal care, football, games and activities, dance and many others.Some of these opportunities occur in cooperation with teachers from MEF National School which helps to broaden the scope of activities for the MEF IS students.

In the final year of the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Grade 5 students stage an exhibition. The PYP Exhibition represents a significant event in the life of our school as it synthesizes the essential elements of the PYP and shares them with the wider community. The Exhibition requires students to engage in a collaborative, trans-disciplinary inquiry process that involves them in identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems and binds the school community as parents, teachers and students work together. As a culminating experience before our students move to Middle School this is an opportunity to exhibit all the attributes of the IB Learner Profile that they have been developing throughout their years in the Primary Years Programme.


There are two concerts in the Primary School year. Our students demonstrate their learning to the wider school community along with their creative skills and musical talents. This is an opportunity for our school community to celebrate as we come together for this enjoyable event.
Students have the opportunity to showcase their artwork in ongoing art exhibits around the school as well as in the end of the year Art Exhibition. The purpose of the students showcasing their work is to honor all student work from the school year in a format that encourages student and community reflection. By being a part of selecting and presenting their work, students gain confidence, self-worth and appreciation for their own work and that of their peers.
Sports Day is held at the beginning of the school year. Students engage in a day of physical activity and competition. The Swimming Gala is held at the end of the year. This exciting and fun-filled day of friendly competition is designed to allow students to showcase the swimming skills they have learned in their swimming classes. Our older students in Grades 4 and 5 take part in football and cross country activities as part of the after school program. Our PTA organizes and runs an extensive chess activity and development.
PSE is an integral part of all lessons as student learn how to interact in effective ways with other people. In addition, every class has a PSE lesson each week with the School Counselor. The School Counselor provides families and teachers with strategies to assist students with their personal, social and emotional growth in order to develop the well-being of individuals and groups within the school community. This process supports positive interactions in social and academic contexts. Students learn how to accurately reflect on themselves in order to take responsibility for their learning. Through group work and reflection, students increase their self-worth.
The Student Council and Green Council are decision-making bodies made up of students whose aim is to support the school's mission statement by promoting a culture of collaboration and action throughout the school community and initiatives that raise an awareness of local and global issues. The Student Council i members are elected by the student body in twice yearly elections. Ideas for Council initiatives come from the students as they engage in meaningful action.
Field trips are an extension of the school curriculum and all students are expected to attend. Field Trips provide additional "hands on" experience and enable students to explore the resources of Turkey and develop deeper knowledge and understanding of the host country. All classes participate in field trips throughout the school year and upper level students go on extended overnight field trips at the end of the school year. These trips develop student's social and self management skills, as well as a sense of responsibility and independence.
Since the inception of MEF IS, the parent community has always played a significant role in the school community. The main aim of the PTA is to promote co-operation between parents and staff and to support and enrich our children's learning experiences. The PTA provides the School Community with a supportive organization that creates and coordinates many school events, fundraising, programs and activities. These events have included Movie Nights, Student Discos, Teachers’ Appreciation, and Fun Day. The PTA meets the first WEdnesday of each month at the school. Elections take place for fixed positions on the PTA Committee. The PTA is made up of parents, along with representatives of teachers and administration.


MEF IS teachers facilitate a variety of different Friday afternoon clubs. We value the importance of developing the whole child through varied activities including sports, art, drama, community service clubs and leadership development through Model United Nations (MUN). The clubs change each semester and cover two 45 minute instructional blocks.
[Link: Clubs and After School Activities]
At MEF IS, we believe that learning extends beyond the walls of the classroom. For our developing athletes, this may include attending an international sports tournament coordinated by the PE Director to learn from other athletes. Or, it may include a class trip, which is coordinated annually for grades 6-8. Additionally, students in grades 9-12 are given opportunities to participate in cross-curricular field trips to historic and scenic parts of Turkey, as well as other destinations through the MUN and MEP clubs.
[Link: Field Trips and Experiential Learning]
CAS is a fundamental and mandatory part of the IB diploma curriculum. The CAS requirement takes seriously the importance of life outside the world of scholarship, providing a refreshing counter-balance to the academic self-absorption some may feel within a demanding school's program. Students are required to participate in both community service activities and projects set or approved by the school over the course of IB1 and IB2. Some of these activities include student council activities and events, Physical Education instruction, Green Projects, sports teams, visits to a local retirement center, animal shelter, center for the visually impaired, and to a school for orphans. Other coordinated CAS opportunities include organized trips (Model European Parliament and Model United Nations), after school peer tutoring, and fundraising activities. [Link: CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service)]
[Link: CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service)
At MEF IS, learning is authentic creative and collaborative. To this end, we believe in bettering our local community by giving back through community service projects. Some of these projects have involved student and parent partnerships with our Parent Teacher Association.
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At MEF IS we want all students to actualize their full potential, for some this may focusing on an activity more in depth after school hours. While after school activities are not part of the tuition and fees, outside consultants are often brought in to share their expertise. These activities change from one semester to the next. For more information, please visit our current after school offerings booklet.
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Because we believe in nurturing and valuing each member of our community, there are established homeroom teachers who provide daily guidance and direction to their assigned students. Students meet with homeroom teachers every morning and for 45 minutes on Wednesdays. Not only is this an optimal time to promote inclusiveness as a school, but homeroom is designed to compliment and showcase student achievements and whole-school initiatives. Additionally, students explore topics such as study skills, anti bullying, and positive self image.

Assemblies share a similar goal by aiming to provide consistency in school communication, foster a cohesive school culture and promote a common vision among the student body. Student Government facilitates and plans the monthly assembly, and presents the student body with presentations on the IB Learner Profile, departmental initiatives, club and activity updates, student achievement awards, charity drives, slideshows of special events, school policies and procedures and pastoral and administrative initiatives.
To promote and further emphasize the importance of student accountability and intrinsically-motivated student-led learning, we offer our students the chance to re-familiarize themselves with the essential tools for active learning and self-improvement. In the fall we offer a one day workshop for both middle and upper school students based on study skills. Workshops include how to present, problem solving, positive behavior and esteem, health challenge activities for the younger students, Google Docs, University preparation, memorization tools, Maths and calculators for the older students, and much more. This is an excellent boost to prepare students with time management and organizational skills.
The MEF IS student government helps bring the community together through fun, meaningful and spirited activities while building key leadership skills in its elected officials. Student Government meets with their advisor every Friday afternoon in order to plan monthly assemblies, coordinate school-related functions, and discuss current topics related to promoting the IB Learner profile traits among the student body.
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To promote and further emphasize the importance of student accountability and their role as leaders in the school community, we offer our students the chance to reflect on their position in the school and develop active plans for improving school spirit, increasing their contribution to those in need and leaving initiatives in place which will serve as a fitting legacy for their graduating class. The High School Leadership Retreat occurs in the spring for 11th Grade/IB1 students and then at the beginning of the 12th Grade/IB2 academic year in order to support students with essential life and leadership skills and is also designed to remind students of their responsibilities as senior role models within the MEF community.